About mindfulness, design, passion



Joy, passion, creativity and attentiveness are the motto for the design of each of my website assignments. It gives me unbelievable pleasure to create something completely new and individual for my clients: A design in which they discover their most beautiful sides to themselves and their company - kind of like a virtual garment that represents them in virtual reality and underlines their beauty.
For this purpose, I use my sensitivity towards my clients and sense the appropriate design, on one hand, and create the design in meditative mindfulness - towards the content, the client and myself, on the other. This creates space for a website full of clarity and authenticity.

I have had my passion for design since my childhood, fashion design was first this expression, but for a large target group and suitable for many. Through valuable experience I finally ended up in graphic design and web design - here I can be wonderfully creative, using my sensitivity, attentiveness and unique ideas to create something individual and personal for an individual person or a company that people feel comfortable with.
The topics of mindfulness and awareness have accompanied me for a very long time, intensified by a yoga teacher training and teaching, meditative healing and finally a development of mindfulness in my everyday life towards my thoughts and everything I encounter.

The connection between design and mindfulness is therefore a naturally grown relationship that is constantly changing and deepening.

Please feel free to get in contact with me! I am looking forward to creating something very individual and suitable for you.


IT Know-How and SEO

Born in the early 70s, I was already fascinated by technology and its possibilities as a child. Many of my grandfather's technical devices and clocks, which were very valuable and above all very expensive at the time, lost their lives during my experiments of technical perfection and also many an attempt to test the flight capability of self-made rockets often ended with charred traces on the wall. I was fascinated by the secrets of our earth, including, of course, those of the Bermuda Triangle, and wanted nothing less than to solve them all.
In the early 80s I came in contact with the first Basic PC and from the first "hello" feedback I was finally addicted to IT.
In the early 90s I helped a large German hardware manufacturer with its expansion, built PCs myself, searched for errors, trained technicians, pushed the expansion of the branches, installed and configured the first merchandise management and ERP systems. 
In addition to autodidactic self-study, I completed numerous training courses in programming languages, programs and web applications. In addition, I completed commercial training, training in marketing with a focus on strategic marketing and consulting. As one of the youngest product managers worldwide I was involved in the development of the Linux operating system in the late 90s, developed websites and pushed the e-commerce market with my knowledge in the millennium years. The virtual mapping of servers found its way into the world also through my support besides numerous tasks in the areas of strategic alliances and professional services, where I was responsible for the TOP 100 in Germany besides High Performance Computing (HPC). For many years I have been working successfully  for private customers, freelancers, medium-sized companies as well as NGO's in a wide range of fields, where I bring in my knowledge.